Volume #2

Winner of the Navigator’s Best Writing Award

Impact’s of Sustainable Design in Educational Facilities

Sonja N Gormley – Interior Design

Honorable Mention, The Navigator’s Best Writing Award

The Effect of Dietary Probiotics on Right Junction Gene Expression in Danio rerio

Grace Little – Biology

Honorable Mention, The Navigator’s Best Writing Award

Mathematics and the Arts: The Beauty Behind the Math

Yousef Raslan – Mathematics

Life and Works of Johann Bernoulli

Grace Wallace Tull – Mathematics

Helmet Safety Innovation

Harleigh T. Scott – Sport and Exercise Science

Elephant in the Room

Brandi Welch – Art

Trauma Studies in Chickamauga

Carson Lau – English

Business Analytics at Netflix

Kaci P. Schroeder – Business

The Zero-Sum Fallacy of Housing: Accounting for the 2008 Housing Crisis

Alexander Steininger – Finance

America and the Cold War: Containment or Hegemony?

Alexia McCleary – History

Livy’s Republic: A Curious State of Affairs

Julia Pind – History

Going Green: Livestock’s Gas Powered Potential

Trevor M. Bradford – First Year Writing

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