The Navigator: Excellent Student Writing Across the Disciplines

Our Mission

The Navigator: Excellent Student Writing Across the Disciplines is an academic journal designed to highlight the best undergraduate student writing at Park University. Open to all undergraduates from all disciplines, it emphasizes the richness and variety of academic research across the university.

The Navigator also aims to give students a platform to share their writing and get recognized for their accomplishments, while providing students with the professional experience of publishing academic work. For many students, this may be an opportunity to publish their work for the first time. For others, it may encourage them to submit their work in the future after seeing their work in print. Published in print and online, our intended audience is the faculty and students at Park University, as well as those that support our faculty and students in our academic endeavors.

Ultimately, The Navigator is a celebration of all the ideas, discoveries, and connections that are being produced right here at Park University by undergraduate students.

The Navigator is sponsored by ParkWrites, a university-wide Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program aimed at improving writing and writing instruction across the university.  Writing Across the Curriculum is an educational approach used by a majority of universities to develop student learning about content (writing to learn) and to develop student learning about writing across all disciplines (learning to write).  WAC programs increase student engagement and retention, critical thinking, effective communication across a range of audiences and purposes, and better prepare students for communicating in the workplace.

ParkWrites consists of multiple initiatives in addition to The Navigator including faculty development and support, a student writing fellows program which places trained students in classes for extra writing support, and a curricular initiative, the Writing Intensive program.  In addition to taking 3 required writing courses at Park, students also take at least 2 writing intensive courses both inside and outside their majors ensuring students get effective instruction in writing throughout their entire degree program.

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Park University 8700 NW River Park Drive Parkville, MO 64152

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